Preliminary Risk Assessments (PRAs)

Formerly known as a Phase 1 or desk study report, a PRA is often specified as a planning condition for a new development and can also form part of due diligence procedures prior to an acquisition. PRAs involve site reconnaissance together with consultation of numerous information sources to determine the history and geological/environmental setting of a site. This information is used to create an initial Conceptual Site Model (CSM) - the first stage in environmental risk assessment - and to highlight any other potential geo-environmental risks.

Coal Mining Risk Assessments (CMRAs)

Required prior to development within defined 'Development High Risk Areas' in the UK. Information from the Coal Authority, historical maps, geological maps and other relevant sources is complied to assess the risk posed to a proposed development by historical mining features including mine shafts and underground workings.

Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs)

A requirement for development sites within areas of risk of flooding (or for sites larger than 1ha in the UK), these assessments include quantitative appraisals of the risk posed to the proposed development from flooding, the impact of the development to flood risk elsewhere and the effectiveness of any proposed mitigation measures.

Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Risk Assessments

The risk of UXO being present at a site is determined by historical research utilising various sources including historical maps and wartime records kept by military and civilian groups.